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Investment Philosophy

Silvant believes that consistent outperformance can be delivered by investing in companies that the investment team believes will exceed investor expectations. The firm defines growth as a condition, not a category–meaning that any company, regardless of sector, may present conditions for growth. Therefore, Silvant’s team can typically find investment opportunities in most market environments.

We seek to identify companies that have:

  • Above-average sustainable earnings growth
  • Disruptive products or services
  • Positive secular trends

Our Investment Process

Silvant’s decision-making process is a collaborative effort, focusing on bottom-up stock selection. Together, members of the team are responsible for stock selection through fundamental analysis, portfolio construction, and risk management relative to the benchmark.

Fundamental Analysis

  • Identify unique industries within each sector
  • Analyze each industry’s capital spending/capacity cycle
  • Identify key fundamental drivers for each company and industry
  • Determine the timing/appropriateness of each key driver
  • Create stock-specific plans for all companies within each sector
  • Assess investor sentiment
  • Identify companies with the most underestimated earnings

Portfolio Construction

The Buy Discipline:

  • Identify company specific Key Metrics likely to cause investor expectations to be exceeded
  • Bottom-up stock selection within each sector
  • Weight positions based on expected return and volatility

The Sell Discipline:

  • Sell stocks that violate two or more Key Metrics
  • Sell stocks for better opportunities
  • Trim positions when the risk/return trade-off increases

Risk Management

The objective of Silvant’s risk management process is not to reduce or eliminate risk but to fully inform ourselves of all types of risks that can inadvertently creep into a portfolio.  Our risk management process is comprehensive and fully transparent, primarily focusing on:

  • Macroeconomic Factor Analysis
  • Characteristics Analysis
  • Thematic Risk Analysis

Silvant Process RBG

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