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We offer our growth investment process in four distinct portfolios: 

Large Cap Growth Concentrated Large Cap Growth Large Cap Core Growth Small Cap Growth
BenchmarkRussell 1000® Growth Russell 1000® Growth S&P 500® IndexRussell 2000® Growth
Typical Market Cap Average Similar to IndexSimilar to IndexSimilar to IndexSimilar to Index
Number of Holdings60 - 8025 - 3550 - 6590 - 110
Active Position Sizes0.5% - 3.0%1.0% - 5.0%1.0% - 5.0%^0.5% - 1.5%
Maximum Sector Weightings relative to the benchmark (Typically 1 - 3 sectors at max)+/- 5%+/- 10%0% to 2 times^+/- 7%
Typical Sector Weightings relative to the benchmark (Typically 7 - 10 sectors at any point in time)+/- 2%+/- 6%+/- 4%+/- 3%
Predicted Tracking Error3 - 6%4 - 8%3 - 6%4 - 7%
Typical Annual Portfolio Turnover (Rolling 3-year average)*29%24%34%44%
Cash Levels< 4%< 4%< 4%< 4%
Portfolio ManagerMichael Sansoterra/teamMichael Sansoterra/teamSandeep Bhatia/teamSandeep Bhatia/team
The sector weightings and portfolio characteristics may change without notice. ^Typically, no stock will represent more than five percent of portfolio's market value and no sector can represent more than one-third of the market value of the portfolio. Standard & Poor’s 500® Index is an unmanaged index of 500 selected common large capitalization stocks (most of which are listed on the New York Stock Exchange) that is often used as a measure of the U.S. stock market.  Russell 1000® Growth Index is an unmanaged index composed of securities in the Russell 1000® Index, with higher than average price-to-book ratios and higher-than-average forecasted growth values. Russell 2000® Growth Index is composed of the securities found in the Russell 2000® Index with a greater-than-average growth orientation. Companies in this index tend to exhibit higher price-to-book and price-to-earnings ratios. Investors cannot invest directly in an index.

*Source: FactSet, 1/15/19

To invest in an Institutional Separate Account please contact Marc Schneidau at (404) 845-7638 or . Silvant subadvises two portfolios for the Virtus Funds.  For more information on our subadvised mutual funds, please call (800) 243-4361.

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