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Large Cap Growth

The Large Growth strategy is benchmarked against the Russell 1000® Growth Index. As with all Silvant strategies, the Large Cap Growth portfolio tends to invest in stocks with a competitive advantage, strong profitability metrics, above average free cash flow, above average operating margins and positive price trends.


Management Approach: Team
Benchmark: Russell 1000® Growth
Assets Under Management: $935.3M*
Strategy Inception: 2007

Subadvised Mutual Fund: Virtus Silvant Large-Cap Growth Stock Fund
Portfolio Commentary: 2Q17 Large Cap Growth

The Fund is the successor of the RidgeWorth Silvant Large-Cap Growth Stock Fund, as a result of that fund’s reorganization with and into the Fund on July 14, 2017.

* As of 6/30/17

Typical Portfolio Attributes
Holdings:60 - 80
Active Weights:0.5% - 3.0%
Predicted Tracking Error:3% - 6%
Annual Turnover:60 - 120%
Typical Sector Weight vs. Benchmark+/- 2%

Data subject to change

Quarterly Review

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