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Small Cap Growth

The Small Growth strategy is benchmarked against the Russell 2000 Growth Index. As with all Silvant strategies, the Small Cap Growth portfolio tends to invest in stocks with a competitive advantage, strong profitability metrics, above average free cash flow, above average operating margins and positive price trends.


Management Approach: Team
Benchmark: Russell 2000 Growth
Assets Under Management: $40.9M*
Strategy Inception: 2001

Subadvised Mutual Fund: RidgeWorth Silvant Small Cap Growth Stock Fund

Portfolio Commentary:1Q17 Small Cap Growth



* As of 3/31/17

Typical Portfolio Attributes
Holdings:90 - 110
Active weights:0.5% - 1.5%
Predicted Tracking error:4% - 7%
Annual Turnover:50 - 150%
Typical sector weight vs. Benchmark+/- 3%
Avg. Market Capitalization$.75 - 1.75B

Data subject to change

Quarterly Review

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