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The Team

Silvant’s investment team is comprised of like-minded individuals who share a passion for growth investing. Our structure eliminates the reliance on 'star managers' and instead leverages each individual's skills. The senior portfolio managers average 20 years of experience.

Michael A. Sansoterra

Michael A. Sansoterra

Chief Investment Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager

Michael Sansoterra is Chief Investment Officer at Silvant Capital Management LLC. He is the lead Portfolio Manager on the Large Cap Growth and Concentrated Large Cap Growth disciplines. He is also a Senior Portfolio Manager on the Large Cap Core Growth and the Small Cap Growth disciplines....Read More

Sandeep  Bhatia

Sandeep Bhatia, PhD, CFA

Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager

Sandeep Bhatia is Managing Director at Silvant Capital Management LLC, lead Portfolio Manager on the Large Cap Core Growth and Small Cap Growth disciplines and Senior Portfolio Manager on the Concentrated Large Cap Growth and Large Cap Growth disciplines....Read More

Brandi K. Allen

Brandi K. Allen

Sector Portfolio Manager - Consumer Staples, Healthcare

Brandi is a Sector Portfolio Manager with consumer staples and healthcare sector responsibilities. She has 20 years of investment experience in healthcare and portfolio management....Read More

Stephen (Steve) Coker

Stephen (Steve) Coker, CFA,CAIA

Sector Portfolio Manager - Energy, Industrials and Materials

Steve is a Sector Portfolio Manager with industrial, energy and materials sector responsibilities. He has 21 years of investment experience....Read More

Scott  Kolar, CFA

Scott Kolar, CFA

Sector Portfolio Manager - Information Technology

Scott serves as a Sector Portfolio Manager with information technology sector responsibilities. He has 22 years of investment experience....Read More

Sowmdeb  Sen

Sowmdeb Sen

Sector Portfolio Manager and Co-Portfolio Manager - Consumer Discretionary, Financials

Sowmdeb serves as a Sector Portfolio Manager with consumer discretionary and financial sector responsibilities and is also co-Portfolio Manager of the Large Cap Core Growth discipline at Silvant. He has 18 years investment experience....Read More

Marc  Schneidau

Marc Schneidau

Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director, Client Portfolio Manager

As an active member of the investment team, Marc Schneidau is responsible for managing all aspects of the firm's client service and coordinating the support functions that Virtus Investments provides - sales, marketing, compliance, trading and finance....Read More

Jennifer  Stewart

Jennifer Stewart

Portfolio Specialist

Jennifer serves as Portfolio Specialist and is responsible for client service, marketing, sales and business operations. ...Read More

Silvant Team Photo

Team Characteristics

  • Average of more than 19 years’ experience managing growth portfolios
  • 2 Senior Portfolio Managers, 4 Sector Portfolio Managers
  • Team collectively holds 3 CFAs, 4 MBAs and 1 Ph.D.
  • 100% of the investment professionals’ time is spent on investment management
  • Firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA
  • Team members invest alongside our clients

As of 3/31/18

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